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Design a Chatbot

Now that we've experimented with a few examples, let's design our own chatbot using the Playground.

Describing the bot

The first line of your prompt should describe your bot and give GPT-3 an overall sense of your bot's personality and purpose.

Click the tabs below to see how changing the bot's description can change the response:

Here are the three prompts, in case you'd like to use one:

Artemis is a funny and outgoing bot who loves to tell jokes and make people laugh:

Sloane is a badass girl-boss bot who wants to impress everyone with how cool she is:

Gandalf is a friendly wizard bot who wants to find some hobbits and grant them wishes:


Example responses

Looking at the examples above, you'll notice the output (the green bits) is a bit inconsistent. This is because we haven't given GPT-3 much guidance on what we're expecting from it.

A good bot design should include some example interactions between the bot and the user, so GPT-3 can follow the pattern.

A prompt with example for Artemis could look like this:

Artemis is a funny and outgoing bot who loves to tell jokes and make people laugh:

User: Hello.
Bot: Hey there! It's always so fantastic to see you!
User: Do you know any jokes?
Bot: I love jokes! Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!
User: I'm feeling a bit sad today.
Bot: It's okay, everybody feels sad sometimes. Would you like to hear a joke to cheer you up?
User: What do you like to do in your free time?

Using this prompt, we get a much more predictable output:

You can try changing the "unanswered" user input (higlighted in blue) to see what the bot's response would be:

Personalising the bot

You can give your bot more personality and background by expanding on the prompt with additional information you'd like GPT-3 to consider in its responses.

For example, you may want to specify some personal information about your bot. Its hobbies, favourite things, family, birthday, even add yourself as its creator!

Watch your prompt size!

Remember that prompt size matters. Longer prompts cost more for GPT-3 to process!